Cycling Time Trials

Last week we taught the children about cycling time trials and timed all the children cycling one complete lap of the cycle track as fast as they could.  After a short rest they then had to try and match (or beat!) their times on tired legs! This taught the children a lot about pacing and selecting the right gears to go as fast as they could! Their times are recorded here (we will have another go in the not too distant future to see if we can go quicker!)

Olly                              3:53                    3:53

Harry                           4:59                   5:00

Ozzy                             3:45                    3:45

Amaya                         3:49                     4:00

Aran                            3:40                     3:35

Isaac                            5:31                     5:29

Harry                           5:10                     6:36

Sam                              4:10                    4:08

Jenson                        3:57                     3:50

Jack                             3:55                    3:50

Maia                           4:20                     4:18

Jacob                          3:40                     3:42

Lizzie                          4:25                     4:26

Maya                           4:36                     4:40

Dan                              2:59                    3:08


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