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What is a kids triathlon?

Triathlon is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, and kids triathlons are a vital part of this trend. There is no better way for any child to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle focused on daily exercise and good nutrition.

Every triathlon consists of 4 components – swimming, biking, running and transitions. At triathlons across the UK, TriEnergy Kids will only race against other kids in their same age group. The swimming pool will be in lanes so that children can compete their allotted amount of lengths (distance depends on age).   As they complete their swim, they will enter the transition area to begin the bike portion of the race. After completing their ride, they will reenter transition, drop-off their bike and exit onto the run course. The run is the final part of the race. Computerized timing chips are sometimes used to track each participant throughout each part of the race, otherwise it’s just a good old pen&paper and stopwatch!

Can I really compete in a triathlon?

Absolutely! Race distances are designed to be challenging, yet achievable – even for first-timers. The word triathlon can scare people into thinking it is something they could never do. Here at TriEnergy Kids we think all children will successfully be able to complete a triathlon and we will coach the skills needed to do this.  If any child is not quite ready yet to compete in their first race, we will work with them, enjoying every step of the way, until they are ready to race.

Who hosts the races? 

There are many local races in the Worcestershire area that are suitable for children.  Please see our events page to find out more.  We have the perfect location at Stourport Sports Club to host an event and this might be something TriEnergy Kids can do in the future.  When looking for a race it is a good idea to arrive in plenty of time to walk through the course set-up and familiarise yourself with transition.


When can I pick up my race number and packet? 

Some organisers send out the information via post or email in the weeks leading up to the race. Others ask that you attend the day before (if possible) or in plenty of time the morning of race day to collect your child’s number and timing chip.  For the cycle part of the triathlon, children must have their number showing on their back.  For the run part of the triathlon, children must have their number showing on the front.  The children will learn in our coaching sessions that a number belt is a good bit of kit that means they can quickly turn their number from back to front!  Many events now give out prizes and may take action shots of the children competing. It is always best to check out the events website and contact the organiser for any further information.


What should I eat the night before the race? 

While every person is different, most experts do NOT suggest a heavy meal the night before a race. Every racer will need a lot of energy, so a traditional pasta dinner or other meal with lots of carbohydrates and protein is quite common.

Of course, you know your body and normal eating habits better than anyone. It is always safe to follow those. The only thing almost everyone agrees on. . . it is NOT a good time to try a new food for the first time.


What should I eat for breakfast on Race Day? 

Again, it is best to listen to your body and to do what feels right. It also depends on what time you get up and what time you are racing.  We believe that kids need lots of healthy food to help fuel their sporting activities.  A good wholesome breakfast is recommended for the morning of a race, but make sure you allow your body plenty of time to digest it!  One thing you do NOT want to do is skip breakfast on Race Day. You will need all the energy you can get to complete the race.

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