Interclub Duathlon

Thank you to everybody who came yesterday and well done to all of the children who competed. It was a lovely afternoon full of sportsmanship, hard racing and laughter. We celebrate all successes of the children, whether that is first place, tenth place, fiftieth place, a Personal Best, a Personal Worst but they tried their hardest…..whatever the outcome, we are proud of them all!

The biggest thing that shone through yesterday was the incredible sportsmanship amongst the children. We had children running back for other children to help them finish (Alistair Brownlee eat your heart out!), we had children shaking hands with their competitors at the finish, children clapping and cheering for each other. That is what Tri Energy Kids is all about and that is what we try to promote at each and every Monday night (along with all the other fabulous coaching of course!)

Below is an account of all the individual events and the finishing times.

Event 1: TriStarts (8 years)

1strun – to the second cut through
Bike – one full lap
2ndrun – to the first cut through

The afternoon kicked off with the TriStart Category race. A cool, calm and collected Jenson paced this event fabulously to win from start to finish with an excellent first run, a strong bike and an impressive second run. Jenson has been competing in more and more events and it was great that I finally got to watch him race yesterday! In second place was Zach after a simply awesome bike leg – it looks like he takes after his Dad (Coach Jamie!) and third over the line was Fleyx not far behind at all and looking like a pro on his fabulous road bike. In the girls event, new member Maddy had a brilliant race putting into practice all of her newly learnt transition skills! It was only the day before Maddy had finished 2nd in a Cross Country Race against year 6 girls! Super! The biggest smile at the finish of this race goes to Amy who had an excellent run, bike, run and managed a sprint finish all the way to the line beaming with pride. Well done Amy! Unfortunately Lily took a knock and a tumble during the first run so didn’t finish the event. She was down but not out… she was back in action a little later in the day! Results below, well done to all!

Name Club Time
1 Jenson Groves Tri Energy Kids 9:52
2 Zach Jenkins Tri Energy Kids 10:29
3 Felyx Williams Tri Energy Kids 10:49
4 Maddy Andrews Tri Energy Kids 11:28
5 Amy Hawkes Tri Energy Kids 11:47
6 Lily Stanesby Tri Energy Kids –

Event 2: TriStar 1 (9-10 years)

1strun – to the second cut through (move start line back)
Bike – three full laps
2ndrun – to the first cut through

Next up was our TriStar 1 Race with 8 members of Tri Energy Kids taking on 2 members of Evesham. New member Lawson Flynn had a fantastic race to be the first over the finish line but he was pushed every step of the way on that final run with Lucas Dusconi working incredibly hard to chase him down. Both boys were digging deep and the speed they were running at was fabulous but it was Lawson who managed to keep the lead – well done to both boys! During the cycle section Lawson and Lucas were joined by our TriStart girl Lily who was now ready to take on the bike and run. Lily cycled really really well and we were so pleased that her earlier knock hadn’t deterred her. Off the bike and onto the run Lily had a fantastic second run and it was brilliant to see her cross that finish line! Well done! Third home in the TriStar 1 race was Izak, after playing football in the morning and running a cross country race the day before I’m surprised he had any energy left at all! Well done Izak! Annie, who had competed in the same cross country race as Izak, was the first girl to finish but similar to the boys race, she was being chased down by a super speedy Amaya who looked like she was running on air! If ever you want to see some fabulous run technique watch Amaya on a mission – it’s wonderful! Well done to both girls! Not far behind was Nathan who took every part of the race in his stride and is looking stronger and stronger with each training session that passes. It’s great to see him competing! Next up we had new members Grace and Sophia who were taking on their first ever duathlon and having their own battle with Erin and Finn from EVT. A strong finishing Grace managed to hold off Erin and pull away on the second run; and Sophia really gave it her all as a fast finishing Fin pushed her all the way to the finish line. Both girls did excellently and with perfect transitions you would never have known this was there first duathlon! Well done to all!

Name Club Time
1 Lawson Flynn Tri Energy Kids 15:11
2 Lucas Dusconi Tri Energy Kids 15:20
3 Izak Williams Tri Energy Kids 15:59
4 Annie Clayton Tri Energy Kids 16:13
5 Amaya Moore Tri Energy Kids 16:17
6 Nathan Kinsella Tri Energy Kids 16:22
7 Grace T-Brown Tri Energy Kids 17:39
8 Erin L-Painter EVT 18:04
9 Sophia Jenkins Tri Energy Kids 18:44
10 Finn Dale EVT 18:50

Event 3: TriStar 2 (11-12 years)

1strun – one full lap
Bike – four full laps
2ndrun – to the second cut through

In the next event, we had 5 TriStar 2 boys racing, and new member Jacob Chater of Tri Star 1 joining them. This is because I thought Jacob was 11…..not 9!!! So he was racing with the boys nearly 2 years older than him! As a coach, when you realise this half way through a race it’s hard to know what to do – but Jacob looked in the zone on the bike, ticking off the laps and so we decided we’d wait until the end to admit the mistake! On the first run it was a strong looking Christopher from Evesham who was first home, closely followed by all the other boys. They had worked hard to stay together. However the cycle section soon changed things with an excellent ride from Charlie meaning he had pulled away into the lead and a great ride from Jacob meaning he too had caught Christopher. Aran and Alfie were working hard on the bike too and Jacob was looking determined to finish his duathlon debut. Charlie was soon off on the second run and was to be first boy home in a brilliantly well paced event. When Jacob set off on the second run, Christopher was hot on his heels and was just a bit too strong on the day for Jacob, crossing the line 2nd with Jacob not far behind in third. Aran came into transition like a rocket doing, quite literally, a flying dismount! He and Alfie ran really really well on the second run to complete what was a tough duathlon! Well done! Finally Jacob was welcomed home to the finish by his team mates and an apology from me; it will be a few years until he has to race that far again! A huge well done for finishing and racing so well, he’s already a Tri Energy star with a ‘never give up’ mentality! Well done Jacob!

Number Name Club Time
1 Charlie W Tri Energy Kids 20:40
2 Christopher EVT 21:16
3 Jacob Amies Tri Energy Kids 22:11
4 Aran Moore Tri Energy Kids 22:53
5 Alfie Egginton Tri Energy Kids 23:06
6 Jacob Chater Tri Energy Kids 26:54

Event 4: TriStar 3 (13-14 years)

1strun – one full lap (move start line back)
Bike – five full laps
2ndrun – to the second cut through

Last but not least was the TriStar 3 race mixed with the Youth race (aged 15/16). Our only representative in this race was our eldest member Dan, who is such a popular member of the team and is a wonderful role model to the other children. Dan was under strict instructions to be fast as we were way over our allocated cycle track booking time! Dan followed his instructions well and returned off the first run in second place, not too far behind Cas Ferreira who is a British ranked triathlete. Cas pulled ahead on the bike, and a fast cycle from Evesham Triathlete Leo meant Dan dropped back to third, but he held off an excellent cycle from Satara and pulled ahead further on the second run to mean he comfortably held onto his third place. An excellent race by Dan, who now competes regularly with so much success across triathlons, aquathlons, park runs, athletics and high jump!! Well done!

Number Name Club Time
1 Cas Ferreira Evesham Tri Club 20:55
2 Leo R-Baker Evesham Tri Club 21:54
3 Dan Kimber Tri Energy Kids 22:29
4 Satara Ferreira Evesham Tri Club 23:00
5 Zac George Evesham Tri Club 24:01
6 Ben Carter Evesham Tri Club 26:53

Again well done to everybody and thank you for watching and supporting those in the other races. It was lovely for the children to watch the older age groups competing, particularly watching Cas from Evesham Tri as she cycled in cycle specific shoes, managing to get her feet out of her shoes whilst they were still clipped into the pedals and doing a flying dismount in just her socks! Something perhaps some of our older children might also want to progress on to.

Thank you to all of the helpers and marshals from Evesham Tri Club and to Jen-Sue, head coach from Evesham, who organised the goody bags for the children.

The next interclub duathlon will be on Saturday 19th November which Worcester Junior Tri Club would also like to attend and hopefully next time a few members also from Malvern Tri Club who are only just setting up and therefore weren’t in a position this time to bring members. See you all there… the date!!

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