Our Training Sessions

Our Training Sessions

Ever wondered what we get up to every hour on a Monday night? Well our sessions are so varied that we find it hard to remember too! But a typical session looks something like this….

To warm up the children go whizzing off round the cycle track. They love this independence of not having to ride by an adult and they chat and laugh away with their friends as they go. When they get back they park up in our fancy racking and do a thorough run warm up. This consists of stretching and moving every part of the body and really raises their heart rate.

Then we normally do some sort of coached skill. Whether its running with the bike at speed, cornering at speed, running with crisps in between our thumb and finger to get the perfect run style (whilst trying to convince the kids not to eat the crisps first!), the list is endless! Our kids are like sponges and they absorb every last ounce of information we give them. It’s then so fabulous to see them putting it in action by themselves.

Last week I felt a bit emotional when I saw flying mounts and flying dismounts left, right and centre.  Their confidence and ability levels have soared! There’s no challenge too much for them, and never a moan or a feeling of “I can’t”. These kids CAN!

After our technique focus we then aim to tire the children out!! We know we’ve succeeded when they can’t yap away anymore! Some weeks this is done through running (continuous relay is our favourite!), other weeks it’s cycling – really showing the children how they can push themselves on the bike.

Finally we finish with a cool down.

At the heart of every session is enjoyment.  The kids are forging some really wonderful friendships. The younger members look up to the older members for help and support; and the older members in turn offer encouragement and positivity. There’ll always be a sense of competition within any sports team but we really feel like we have created exactly that….a team. We train together, enjoy exercise together, and win together.

Roll on Monday nights!


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